How to reduce the share capital of a company

Share capital represents the amount that the shareholders invest in a company. Share capital may be increased or reduced. If the shares are paid for then the shares are considered paid up. If shares are partially paid or have yet to be paid up then we classify this as unpaid share capital. The shareholders holding [...]

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How to remove a director from a Singapore company

For certain reasons, a company may wish to remove a director. Some of the reasons may be: Poor performance Breach of duties to the company Negative limelight on the individual   In a private company According to the Companies Act, the removal of a company director is through an ordinary shareholder's resolution. This is provided [...]

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Closing down your Singapore Company. Winding up and striking off a company.

Certain companies may decide to close down for a variety of reasons. These companies may have ceased business and the shareholders and directors may decide that they would like to close down the company. Some other reasons might include unprofitability of business, the retirement of key personnel and disagreements among key members in the company. [...]

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Steps to incorporate a Singapore Company

Here are the steps to incorporating a Singapore Company. It will take approximately 1 to 2 days to incorporate a Singapore Company. If you are a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident who is living in Singapore and will be the sole director and shareholder of the proposed Singapore Company, the timeframe to incorporate can be [...]

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Responsibilities and duties of a director

In Singapore, every company has to have at least one director. In some cases, a company can have more than one director and this is very common. Every company requires at least one of the director to be a resident director. A resident director is a director whose normal place of residence is in Singapore. [...]

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The importance of complying with the Constitution and the Companies Act

Singapore is one of the most convenient places in the world to set up a company. If all the documentation is complete, a company can be set up in less than a day. Once a company is set up, the responsibility is placed on the directors to adhere to the constitution of the company and [...]

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Registering a Charge for Companies

A charge is a form of a security interest that a company puts to a lender or creditor to secure repayment of a loan. There are fixed and floating charges. A fixed charge is a charge on secured assets. These may be charges on things like property, machinery, shares. A floating charge is a charge [...]

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The benefits of setting up an Investment Holding Company in Singapore

An Investment Holding Company is a company that derives its revenue from the management of assets such as real estate or shares of companies. In Singapore, there are many such companies and the owners of these companies come from all over the world. Here are some reasons why people from all over the world would [...]

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Singapore PR scheme for individuals working in Singapore

Individuals who have been working in Singapore can apply for Singapore Permanent Residency (PR) under the Scheme for Professional/ Technical Personnel/ Skilled Workers. Under this scheme, the applicant has to be working in Singapore on an Employment Pass, Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) or S Pass. The individual can apply to obtain Singapore PR for his or [...]

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